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Multifunctional Hair Removal Rubber Broom



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Tired of your daily cleanups? our muntifunctional rubber broom is the awsome solution you can find to get those cleaning works done with best results.

Multifunctional cleaning tool: from carpets, rugs, tiles to windows and more.

Effortlessly Sweep - rubber bristles easily gather up dust, hairs, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, increasing 50% efficiency than normal brooms.

Pet Hair Removal - Best to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets, easily gather hair from carpets that vacuums can not reach. Dust or pet hairs won't be blown in the air during sweeping.

Built-in squeegee edge: to clean windows, showers, and windshields with ease. Works great to wipe away liquid spills on tiles, concretes, or any hardwood surface.

Long and Adjustable Handle - 31.5 inches to 54 inches length adjustable handle, suitable for people of different heights to use.

The broom is easy to clean by washing it under water tap. Dust or hair will be easily washed off from the bristle and it will look like new again.

Water resistance, dry quickly and durable.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews

      We have two very large Great Pyrenese that shed every single day. We bought a Dyson made for pet hair and that was constantly getting clogged. I saw this and had to try it. It is a game changer. I use the broom on the carpets first and then vacuum. Vacuum is no longer clogging and it takes a lot less time to vacuum. Highly recommend this broom


      I've had many different types of rooms over the years but none of them ever did the work that this room does. this room makes sweeping and keeping up the dog hair so easy as wonderful not to have to try to pull fur and hair people hair that is off the bottom of the broom it just falls off on its own so that you can sweep it all up into the dustpan and get rid of it leaves the fourth floor much cleaner than any other broom thank you for such a wonderful broom. I also really like the telescoping handle it allows me to shorten it for storage it works a lot better that way in my utility closet. And it's easy to let it back out and tighten it up for when you want to use it..


      Happy Purchase! Thank you!


      With two dogs coming in and out if the house all day, this broom is the best for all the hair and dirt they track in.


      Tried this rubber broom for the first time. I have wood floors and a dog that sheds all the time. This broom does as promised and has made a big difference on sweeping up my labs hair. The handle is adjustable and seems sturdy. Only problem I have with the broom is it’s hard to get corners and sweep everything into a dustpan. Might need to break it in a bit. But overall I am so glad to find something that sweeps up pet hair on the first try.