Earth Day 2020 - Apr 22nd

Apr 17, 20
Earth Day 2020 - Apr 22nd

Earth Day is on 22nd of April every year. Back to the year of 1970 when the 1st Earth Day was launched to give a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet, this year 2020 will be marked as the 50th year of Earth Day.

Last year the theme was "Protect our species" and theme for this year is climate action, "Act on a climate change". The human activity's impact on earth is clear and we can feel our "shared house" is warming day by day.

There are things everyone can do on Earth Day, or every day to help the planet.

Have you ever calculated your carbon footprint - your own personal impact on the planet? try to calculate it following this link and you might be suprised. Consider reduce the carbon emissions by unplugging items when they are not in used, try to buy goods with energy-efficient standards and consider switching to renewable energy.

When you travel, whether by motorbike, car or airplane, they all heavily contribute to our shared carbon footprint. Switching to public transport, biking or walking when possible is good for both your health and the planet.

You can share the efforts to reduce the carbon footprint through food choices too. Enjoy the plant-based meals, reduce food waste, compost the food scraps.

And there are other ways too, from being a smart shopper with thoughtful purchasing, or join communities that support the sustainable environment and fight climate change.

These day, as we continue to stay at home for social distancing, we have more time to think about the Earth, our "shared home" and the good we are doing to our environment.

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